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Analysis - Just like the good old days.

Analysis is our speciality, it's what led us to where we are now. 

Our analysts pride themselves on their honed skills in this space owing to their years of experience and ability to "change with the times" and learn from every use case.


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Our Story

Our Senior Managers are essentially the Dinosaurs (except not extinct) of the Analysis and Networking Industry. The rest of our team are racking up their years in experience and proving that a day without learning is a day wasted.


We have been thriving (and surviving- thanks 2020) since 2009 and 70% of our team has spent 6 or more years on our staff.  We're a diverse bunch, utilising a mix of skills, bundles of talent and smiles to provide solutions that make doing business easier for our customers.

Our Vision

Splitpoint is an innovation hub - where all ideas are welcome and considered. A necessary environment where we have such diverse customer use cases, putting us on a constant learning curve.


As an organisation we aspire to be industry leaders - the go to guys - when it comes to analysis. Alongside that we're looking to  turn the Mivu brand into the "household name" for monitoring and dash-boarding. We want our proudly South African product to remain accessible, scalable and become a worthy competitor to the rest out there. 



We are dedicated to staying in touch with the fast pace of the tech world. We like to think we evolve with it. We are also "agnostic" when it comes to choosing the products we utilise in our backends, we choose what works best.

We also pride ourselves on being cloud-based which assists us (and you) with cost savings, security, flexibility and also allows for increased collaboration. 

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A compact probe - with the option of POE, can be couriered to any location and setup with very simple instructions or guidance where necessary. 


Choice, flexibility, customisation.


It’s a journey, as you mature - the visual presentation must mature too whilst the team is accumulating capability, visibility and insights. 


What is critical today might only be a point of interest tomorrow.

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Deciding what matters most to you, is your first step in enabling this feature that continuously monitors important site metrics. Essentially tracking touchpoint hits data for each of your sites and detecting statistically significant deviations, such as spikes and drops.

Brett Airey - Managing Director

We believe our engagements are a true partnership - Product support and development alongside network and application analysis services. Saving investment on these resources.

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